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All The Things #1

“All The Things” is a personal list of my favourite things for the week or month! From awesome quotes, to recipes, to exercises, to whatever it is that I think is going to bring a little more JOY, PERSPECTIVE and TIPS into your life. Let’s share a connection with all the things!


  • Quote That Sh*t

Change your story, change your life.
– Tony Robbins

This little saying from Tony-Tones cannot fill my soul enough! It has been a huge motivator for me and I hope it is for you. The last couple of years has been quite the roller coaster ride of emotions, over-thinking and pressure. We all make excuses to avoid trying something new, or we’re too hesitant to go for that opportunity in front of us and we feel stuck. That’s called complacency my friends. We play that same old song or excuse in our heads and it starts to become the story of our lives and holds us back. Why? Because we care about what other people think… Yea, WTF? I’ve realized that the biggest set back in my life has been living in fear of what other people will think of me. I’ve been living in this little bubble of what everyone thinks I am supposed to be bound to and frankly, I’m over it. It has made me want to stop and re-evaluate what and who is in my life and begin my own story! I think a lot of people can relate, and you know what? It’s time to pop that bubble, it’s time to change that story! I hope you have the courage to do it as well.


  • Healthy Dessert

Zucchini Brownies

I cannot stress enough how amazing these are! If you’re a chocolate lover like me who enjoys guilt-free amazing-brownie goodness, look no further. These little slices of heaven are not only scrumptious but are HEALTHY. And just FYI, I won’t post anything that isn’t. So indulge away 😉
Zucchini BrowniesThey’re flourless brownies and are grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, contain no refined sugar and are paleo and vegan friendly! The best part: There’s a good amount of vegetable inside… Haha. Um, talk about awesome. Don’t believe me? I made these for my team and host family on my 25th birthday last week (May 2nd, woo!) and to prove that they’re absolutely delicious, my host family’s 2 year old twins couldn’t get enough of them! Still don’t believe me? I made them for my 10 year old soccer team last year and as soon as I told them they were made out of zucchini, they accused me of being a liar haha! Child acceptable: check.
Get your hands on these ingredients by going to my Pinterest account!
You can find this exact picture with the recipe and directions on how to make it in the link below!


  • Travel Spot: ICELAND

The Blue Lagoon

Currently, I’m residing in Iceland. This will be my second year living here on a professional contract playing soccer. If you don’t know anything about Iceland and are looking to visit, my first recommendation is The Blue Lagoon! Definitely an all time favourite; it’s relaxing and probably the coolest experience soaking in a geothermal hot spring!IMG_6170Some tips on visiting The Blue Lagoon are:
    This is one of their most popular travel sights in the country. I suggest booking at the very latest a month in advance as Iceland’s visiting rate has sky rocketed since last year!
    I suggest booking an earlier time to visit the lagoon (my opinion only). I went in the morning with my boyfriend (that’s Johnny ♥) and it was a very relaxing and quiet time as we were one of the first ones at the lagoon and had the whole place to ourselves (with the exception of a couple other people). As soon as we left, everyone started showing up and it got crowded.
    I recommend the comfort package when booking! It includes the entrance fee, the use of a towel, Silica mask, Algae mask, and 1 drink of your choice. The others cost a lot more (for the use of a bathrobe, slippers and a reservation at the LAVA cafe… but you honestly don’t need those and you can book a reservation separately).

I hope you enjoy All The Things!


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