So happy you’re here!

To simply put it; I’ve created this space to write about thoughts on different things such as lifestyle, career, health, fitness and whatever else I find interesting that leads to a happy life!
But why?
Well, in hopes to strike up a conversation with you! The human soul craves connection with others which ultimately leads to a happier life. So I hope this space allows for that to happen 🙂

Living the Shugg Life

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Jesse is a 25-year-old former student-athlete at the University of Miami, Coral Gables FL. She graduated with a bachelors of science degree in Exercise Physiology and pursued a masters of science in Organizational Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Currently, she is playing soccer in her second professional season overseas in Reykjavik, Iceland and is also a member of the Philippine Women’s National Football team. She is attending online nutrition school with the School of Integrative Nutrition in hopes to receive her Integrative Health Coaching certificate and begin her own health-coaching practice. She grew up in Ontario, Canada where her parents and 3 other siblings currently reside, but has spent the last 7 years residing in Florida obtaining her degrees. Jesse is passionate about nutrition, health, and fitness; obsesses over the beach and being in the sun; and loves her daily dose of chocolate!
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